Drill Bits of different material

Most of the people buy Drill Machine and have some basic knowledge about it. We often forget to check the drill bits and what type of it and which material it is made up off.

Materials that go into the making of drill bit and their finishing have an impact on the overall performance of the bit. Some of the commonly used materials for drill bit and finishes are explained below:

Here is the list of Drill bit and there metals

· High-speed steel (HSS) bits: These bits are capable of drilling polyvinyl chloride(PVC), wood, fibreglass and metals such as aluminium.

High Speed Steel

· Cobalt : Cobalt drill bits are hard and are used for drilling stainless steel and other tough alloys.

Drill Bits

· Black oxide-coated HSS drill bits: These are resistant to corrosion. Its more durable than the standard high-speed steel bits. These work effectively on the hardwood, metal, PVC, and fiberglass.

Black oxide Drill bit

· Titanium-coated HSS bits: These are comparatively tougher than standard HSS drill bits. It has a better shelf life and are sharp enough to drill wood, PVC, and fiberglass.

Titanium drill bit

· Carbide-tipped : These are the toughest of all drill bits and are used for drilling tiles and masonry.

bide drill bit

· Twist Drill Bits: These are popularly used in homes for drilling wood and plastic.

Twist drill bit

· Brad Point : These drill bit are meant for drilling wood. They have a prominent brad at the tip of the bit which aids in precision drilling.

brad point drill

· Auger Drill Bits: These bit, too, are designed for drilling wood. They have a screw tip which drives the hole into the wood material. These bits can be as long as 18 inches and are used in woodwork to create a clear hole.

Auger Drill bit

· Paddle Bits: This is also known as Spade bits. They are used mainly for drilling holes of large diameter, as large as one and a half inches. When used along with hand drills, spade bits bring out the best.

Spade bits

· Step Drill Bits: These bare fashioned to drills into thin materials.They are capable of drilling holes of varying diameters.

step drill bit

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