Chain Hoist Ultimate Review 2019

Chain Hoist is a device that helps us to lift and lowering heavy loads by means of a mechanism. A basic chain hoist operates through an endless chain that is wrapped on a dual pulley system.

It gives the same advantage as a pulley and a good option for heavy loads. The hoist integrates a ratchet system with the tooth to prevent a load from slipping.

It a Decent Manual Hoist. It’s definitely not the most speedy one I’ve used but not the slowest.

Have some rags handy from the minute you Unbox it…the thing is swimming in oil. the chains pretty much drip oil.

Chain Hoist

This would be easier and safer than getting a bunch of people to physically lift loads into place, and this chain block allowed us to do that. While greasy out of the box, this thing ran great and got the job done with no issues.

If you are using a joist (ceiling or roof) to support the chain hoist, get a 2 x 4 just barely longer than the distance between the floor and the joist. Prop the 2×4 against the joist and use a small sledgehammer to move the bottom of the 2×4 to 90 degrees.

This will support the joist while you are using the 5-ton chain hoist. You can do serious damage to your roof and you ceiling joists by overloading them. The simple 2 x 4 fix will eliminate that issue.

Its action was smooth and built-in brake / reversing mechanism worked well. Great value, I was sceptical about its capability when I opened the package but it operates without trouble.

Buy this, put it up once and you’re good to go. Soak the chains in a solvent of your choice to remove the protective grease or you’ll wish you had.
Great Tool it worth investment.

It’s Available in Different Sizes (1 Ton, 2 Ton ,3 Ton and 5  Ton )

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Torin Big Red Chain Hoist










Value for Money



  • Run Smoothly but always wear Gloves
  • Ease of Operation
  • Ideal for Shop Owners who do not expect to load the maximum limit
  • Need no Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Chain Block


  • You have to keep the chain oiled
  • It Should Come with Corrosion Protection

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