Floor Jack Reviews and Buying Guide

Floor Jack Reviews and Recommended Picks

The floor jack is essential for mechanics and individual’s car and truck owners those who like to dirty their hands

Here is the list of top Floor Jacks that I personally recommend you to have in your car and garage.

ARCAN ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack-3 Ton Capacity

This Arcan professional-quality aluminum Quick Rise Service Jack has a 3-ton lift capacity and a 3 3/4 inch minimum lift height for easy access under low-profile vehicles.

The ball bearing-mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide track front wheels provide easy manoeuvrability and jack stability under a load. A saddle pad protects the vehicle’s frame and components. Complies with 2009 ASME PALD Standard.

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack
  • 3-ton capacity while only weighing 56 pounds
  • Reinforced lift arm for added strength, chassis torsion control and durability
  • Dual pump pistons for fast-rising action, 3.6″ to 19.4″
  • Piston dust shields to prevent hydraulic contamination
  • Bypass and overload valves prevent over-extension of hydraulic ram and jack use beyond rated capacity

Arcan XL20 Black Service Floor Jack

  • Compact design with all the versatility of a full-size jack
  • Dual pump for rapid lifting. Service jack. Includes 2-piece, 45.3inch. handle with a bumper pad.
  • Universal joint release mechanism provides precise control
  • Safety valve prevents overloading. Min. Lift Height 3 1/2 Inches. Max. Lift Height 18 1/2 Inches. Complies with the ASME PALD 2009 standard
  • It is constructed out of high-quality heavy-duty steel.
Arcan XL20 Floor Jack

IT works flawlessly and comes with easy to follow instructions for initial setup. The profile is excellent for low slung vehicles such as Mini Cooper.

This is a nuisance in the middle of a job when operating the jack is smooth to operate and lifts to operate height for the most job in a home shop.

This jack is pretty heavy as compare to my previous craftsman jack

If you can, I’d recommend spending the few extra bucks on an Arcan jack, you won’t be disappointed.

My buddy has the aluminium version of this jack, which is really nice if you ever have to carry it around or lift it into the back of your truck and take it off-site.

I can get away with the steel version because it’ll just stay in my garage. Either way, these are good jacks at a fair price.

Pro-Lift G-737 Gray Speedy Lift Garage Jack – 3.5 Ton Jack

  • The product is 3-1/2 ton garage jack
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Rubber saddle protects the vehicle while lifting the vehicle
  • Universal Joint release mechanism provides precision control of load descent in any handle position
  • Magnetic tool tray keeps the small parts around the job site for convenience
  • Rolled side frame adds strength to reduce twisting; professional grade
  • Foam handle provides comfort to the user while pumping
  • – Rubber Saddle Pad to Protect the Vehicle While Working with the Jack
  • – Universal Joint Release Mechanism to Provide Precision Control
  • – Magnetic Tool Tray for Convenience, Also Speedy Lift Technology
  • – Rolled Side Frame and Rear Swivel Casters.
Prolift G737 Floor Jack

Great product. Used several times since purchase. Lifted a 5,000lb car. It’s speedy when its an empty lift but gives it something to lift and it lifts like a normal jack.

ITS HEAVY AS HELL TO LUG AROUND but I’m fine with it. Yes, your box will come pre-ripped. Its a 90lbs metal jack wrapped in cardboard.

Looks to be a solid 3.5-ton jack, and very heavy. Heavier than the 4 ton Sears Craftsman Pro that was stolen from me. The box was badly torn up in shipping, but the jack seems fine. Chinese made.

It would be a real problem if I had to find a new box and pay for return shipping on this 90+ pound hunk. Mailman told me “good luck with that box!”

overall it is a good tool with a solid quality. However, I have some concerns to improve the quality.

  1. The tool is really heavy. I will count that as a reasonable issue because the jack should be designed to support 3 and a half ton vehicles. As a non-aluminium jack, it is acceptable at least the manufacturer is not using cheaper low-quality iron.
  2. The angle between lifting-stick and the jack stand is not too wide, as you also can figure out in the picture. It is inconvenient to put the jack into the middle line under the car if your car is not high enough.
  3. I will suggest designing a new model with a wider angle. Ideally, it will be perfect to be able to adjust that angle to adapt different requirement and balance the overall performance.
  4. It will be great to have a magic tray for putting those screws.

Overall, it is a good one which makes me comfortable to work underneath my car.

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra-low Profile steel Floor Jack with Quick lIft

  • 3-inch Low profile for easy placement under lowered vehicles
  • Dual pump system lifts save efforts and pumps
  • Two pieces knurled steel handle for a sure grip, equipped w/ foam bumper to prevent damage to the vehicle
  • Strengthened rubber pad for better protection and friction
Lift Master Floor Jack

I am happy that the Floor Jack has a nice broad plate with a removable pad, it feels like it has a low risk of slipping and for one of my cars, the pad does need to come off to ensure safe lifting.

The profile is low enough to get under most cars, but oddly not my Audi A8 in its lowest suspension setting, but only just. Still, it is probably as low as you can go and still have a safe and stable platform.

It seems sturdy and requires few pumps to lift a car up to a serviceable height. It holds height for hours without issue,

I had a jack stand just touching a safe place in case it didn’t and I wanted to test to see if it would.

Lift master Floor jack

The box arrived a bit beat up, but the product was undamaged, probably because the shipper had difficulty handling it, it’s not a light jack! Overall, would recommend to a friend as a good value.

The jack is very heavy, and that’s a good thing. It is well built, I have only used it once so far, and that why I gave it a 4 star.

Using it to lift a car it took 3 pumps to get it to the lifting support, 5 pumps later the front tire was 6 inches from the ground and I could place the jack stand under the vehicle, to test the jack

I didn’t lower the weight of the car onto the stand while changing the oil, to see if the there would be any leakage and to establish some degree of trust with the jack.

30 Minutes later the distance between the stand and the frame of the car was the same, so it passed the 1st test, and I can trust it a little bit now.

I put a heavy lubricant on the handle end to eliminate the metal on metal friction and also on the wheels.

This 3-ton jack is a bit overkill for a car, at 10 pumps of the handle I could see the outside edge of the back tire was off the ground and the lift arm was only half the way up.

Hopefully, this is the last jack I will have to buy. I will revise my 4-star rating after a few more uses and it is broken in a bit more.

This is certainly the heavy duty jack I was looking for, unfortunately, it arrived damaged.

The package was left on my porch in pieces. This jack had a rough trip and it has the scars to show for it.

There’s little doubt this is a quality jack and it deserves great reviews but the delivery was a huge letdown.

The jack may be great but delivery needs to improve. Make it right!!!

JEGS 80077 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack


Low-Profile – 3-1/2″

Weight: 58lbs

Lifting Capacity: 6,000lbs

4-9/16″ Dia. Lifting Pad

Meets ASME PALD 2014 standards Features:

Aluminium construction


Saddle rotates 360°

Minimum Saddle Height: 3-1/2″ (good for low-clearance vehicles)

Maximum Saddle Height: 19-1/4″

50″ two-piece handle with the sleeve (protects vehicle during use)

Knurled grip reduces slippage

Dual side handles simplify manoeuvring/positioning

Hydraulic Lift: 15-3/4″

Rubber lift pad prevents marring

Chassis Length: 26-1/2″

Chassis Width: 13″

Seals protect hydraulic system from contaminants

Overload & bypass valves prevent the jack from being used beyond its rated capacity

Jegs Floor Jack
Jegs Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ2T Aluminium Floor jack

  • Thick frame side plates
  • Reinforced lift arm for added strength, chassis torsion control and durability
  • Dual pump pistons for fast-rising action
  • Piston dust shields to prevent hydraulic contamination
  • Bypass and overload valves prevent over-extension of hydraulic ram and jack use beyond rated capacity
  • 2-pc. handle offers easy storage
  • Quick lock feature for engagement and disengagement of handle halves
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium construction provides easy manoeuvring.

Works well on my 92 Corvette. The one thing I can comment on though is the contact disk is quite large. So I am jacking the front end up with the contact point forward because of the OEM jacking location (it could crush the floor-pan if I used the OEM jack location and centred it.)

The good thing about jacking forward of labelled jack points, however, is that I am easily able to put a jack stand now in the OEM location.

One other observation – the force required to jack the car is a little high – probably because of the limited strokes needed (design trade-off.

But the effort it not excessive so I can do it one-handed if I need to. I like the sturdy construction because it easily moves around on the garage floor when positioning prior to jacking.

Makes working on the car much more of a pleasure than before with my old cheaper Floor Jack.

Awesome product. Works exactly as described, smooth, fairly lightweight, and definitely instils confidence that your car is secure while jacking it up.

The ONLY thing I would suggest is having some kind of attachment on the floor jack itself to hold the broken down the handle.

It’s a bit cumbersome to carry everything you need in one trip by hand.

Arcan ALJ2T
Arcan ALJ2T


Arb X jack

An innovative product that is a must for your expedition vehicle. It is very common to get stuck on uneven or unstable terrain where a standard jack is not an option.

This baby tucks into tight spots and has a large footprint keeping it from sinking into the ground. The fact that it can be inflated via a compressor, air tank, foot pump or even the vehicle’s exhaust is nothing short of brilliant!

MarchInn 12V DC 5.0T(11000lb) Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

POWERFUL: Work with the 12V vehicle power outlet,5.0T(11000lb) jack capacity and 340N.M powerful torque.
EFFICIENT: Lift the car in less than a minute by the jack, remove the screws by the wrench, change a tire quickly, perfect tire jack.

CONVENIENT: The design of the jack is succinct and easy to operate with a compact and organized storage box.
MULTIFUNCTION: Jack, pump, wrench and can meet multiple demands. An essential tool for an outdoor emergency.

SAFE: The structure is stable and secure. The machine will stop working because when it lifts beyond the height limit.

Marchinn electric floor jack
Marchinn Electric Floor jack

Here is the Video Guide how to use Marchinn Electric 3 in 1 Floor Jack.

Operating Instructions

Important: Before attempting to raise a vehicle, check the vehicle service manual for recommended lifting surfaces.

Here are the reviews from Amanzon.com

Very impressed. It is a quality product, lifts very quickly with each action, more than what you would expect.

And it releases very smooth and careful as long as you are equally careful when you turn the knob.

It is not as heavy as others, but it does have some weight, and it should as it has to elevate a lot of mass.

Overall very pleased with it, just wish it wasn’t so costly but was the best price I could find. If you need one, you won’t be disappointed

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