Best Car Emergency Tool Kit under $100

Did you ever bought this best Car Emergency Tool Kit for your family’s cars and gifted to your friends and other family members when they’ve got their driving licence, got a new Car or were preparing for a long road trip.

Ever fear of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing in your car to help you out from the trouble?

Ever stuck in the middle of the road when you are travelling for your office meeting and for weekend tours? what will you do? do you wait for road assistance?

What will you do when your car won’t start due to draining of battery.

Ever happen that your car turn off in the middle of the busy road and you can move it.

Here is the list of best Car Emergency Tool Kit that every Car owner must have.

If you do not have essential items in your car (jumper cables, poncho, duct tape, etc) this is a great buy.

Lifeline 4388 AAA Emergency Road Assistance Tool kit

Lifeline 4365 AAA destination road is a real-time and lifesaver in an emergency there are many ways in which this emergency kit can save our life whether it is on the busiest road or in the middle of the nowhere this kit really help you out from the trouble.

We all face situations like flat tyre battery drain and sometimes car accidents (May God save us from the Road accidents) but a quick bandage may save someone’s life.

This car emergency tool kit has life-saving tools for every situation that can possibly happen while driving.

AAA Emergency Road Side Assistance kit

Kit includes jumper cables, flashlight & batteries, first aid kit, wire ties, bungee cord, AAA membership application and a handy book that has solutions to many possible situations.
“What to do if your car is on fire”?

Got usage out of this almost the day I received it. The flashlight works wonderfully and is a bright red so hard to misplace.

The package is a good weight for all that it carries. Definitely feel safer now that we have it and it was worth every penny.

The flashlight is fine in this car emergency kit, as some light is better than no light, but it would be better replaced with a decent LED flashlight with some Lithium batteries.

Jumper cables are better than the over priced gas station variety.

AAA Emergency Kit Components

The 2-in-1 screwdriver works well actually, throw in some more zip ties, and then you’ll need to go over the FAK (first aid kit).

This Car Emergency Kit includes 

  • 1 AAA Hard Shell Foam Case
  • Air Inflator
  • 10 foot 8 Guage booster cable with vinyl coated Clamps
  • Window Mount Triangle
  • 10 led headlamps
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Pen style Tire Guage
  • Duck Tape 1 ⅕  in X 12 ft
  • Nitrile Gloves (1 pair)
  • Poncho
  • Utility Knife
  • Bungee Cord
  • Emergency Whistle
  • 6 Cable Ties
  • 20 Bandages ¾ in X 3 in
  • 15 Bandages ⅜ in x 1 ½ in
  • 1 Adhesive Tape Roll ½ in 90
  • 6 Antiseptic towelettes
  •  Sting Relief Pad
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • First Aid Guide
  • AAA Membership Boucher
  • Accident Form and Guideline.


Here are the two different reviews that I have found on the Amazon

The jumper cables are cheap looking and feeling that way too. Some unnecessary stuff is in the car emergencyy tool kit but overall it is good if you need jumper cables or finds yourself needing a roadside kit to help someone else out.

It’s alright, the main reason for getting it was for the jumper cables, and they appear to be a good heavy gauge. The bag everything comes in is nice with a few different pockets. It’s a good base for building your own roadside kit.

Honestly, the average person would benefit greatly from throwing in a tube of Neosporin and some more bandages, maybe some gauze and whatever else you may want.

I would personally suggest building up a much more serious FAK (examples can be found by googling “level 2 FAK” that will give one much more capability.

Top Gear Premium Emergency Road Side Assistance

Here is the another best Roadside assistance that may save you from worst situations

This is an absolutely wonderful car emergency tool kit that is compact but has so many features.

Top Gear Car Emergency Kit

I luckily have not yet had to use this emergency roadside kit, but this comes with so many items and it makes a college student, like myself, feel just a little bit safer on the road in case of emergencies.

This is really a great deal for all that it comes with, even the jumper cables seem to be great quality even though this whole set is pretty cheap.

It comes with gloves that are useful for changing tires, and the other various items.

It comes with Gloves that useful in Changing TiresAnd this case is secure and fits everything just perfectly!

we would be visible to oncoming traffic with the vest and the reflective triangle would also alert vehicles to my presence.

Top gear Emergency roadside assistance kit

Top Gear Road Side Assistance Emergency Kit contain.

  • Top Gear Carrying Case
  • Battery Booster Cables
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Hand Squeeze Flashlight
  • Folding Multiple Function Tool
  • Light Sticks
  • Knit Gloves
  • Emergency Rain Poncho
  • Reflective Warning Triangle 
  • Emergency Survival Wrap
  • Bungee Cord
  • Cable Ties and PVC Tape
  • Tire Pressure Guage and Whistle 
  • Premium First-Aid Kit

*Bonus*** “I Am The Stig” Window Cling

First Secure 90-Piece Car Emergency Kit Roadside Assistance Jumper Cables Portable Air Compressor Tow Strap.

This Combination of multiple auto safety kits provides readiness for a disaster and immediate help with any car emergency situation

Be ready and prepare today.

This is the most complete vehicle survival kit I could find. I added a few items of my own,The multi-tool isn’t the cheapest I’ve seen, but it ain’t the best.

Secure First Emergency Tool kit

Great car emergencytool  kit. I looked long and hard at other kits before buying this one. It comes with many unique and useful products that you don’t find in other vehicle emergency kits.

The bag is very neatly and logically organized with most items tucked in clear pouches or bags, so finding what you need should be easier.

I bought it specifically for my college-aged daughter on her long drives home cross-country during the spring,

when weather can be snowy and unpredictable. It has enough room left in the bag for additions and personalizing.

Foldable camp stove that can use the beeswax candle with a stainless cup/pot to melt snow for more water if needed.

The sale price was very good and shipping was fast. I would recommend this kit, as it is pretty well-thought-out.

Some of the contents are of only fair quality.The emergency plastic triangle is flimsy,has sharp metal edges and will fall down easily.

The first-aid kit is also a little lacking. It covers the bare basics and that’s it. Adding to it is a good call.

The addition of pain reliever tablets would be a good addition to 1st aid kit.

Jumper cables first from first secure

This Car Emergency Tool kit contains

  • 8 Gauge 300 AMP 10 Foot Jumper Cable
  • 250 PSI DC (Cigarette Lighter)
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • 11 Ft. 10,000 LB (5 TON) Capacity Tow Rope
  • 7 Piece Tire Repair Kit 
  • 1 Reflective Warning Triangle
  • Multi-Tool Unit with 9 Tools, including Knife and Screwdrivers
  • Roll Black Electrical Tape
  • 2 Bungee Cords
  • 20 Cable Ties
  • Pair of Work Gloves
  • Headlamp with Batteries
  • 48 Piece First Aid Kit includes: 24 Regular Size Adhesive Bandages 2 Gauze Pads 1 Tourniquet 1 Bandage Triangular 2 Rolls PBT Bandage 1 Roll Medical Tape 10 Cotton Swabs 1 Pair Gloves 1 Pair Scissors 5 Safety Pins
  • Accessories Bag
  • Glass Breaker 
  • Belt Escape Cutters 

Thrive Car Emergency Tool Kit+First Aid

It is OK. Overall, it will do what we need and many of the items do work well. The flashlight is a great addition as it doesn’t require batteries. The jumper cables are good.

They are more than long enough and are definitely well made.

The multi-function pliers are very cheaply made and should be labeled “mini multi-function pliers as they are quite small.

Emergency Survival kit

The first aid kit is good if you scrape yourself, get a splinter or have some other boo-boo, but if you actually get hurt you will need more than the kit supplies.

The rope is also a nice addition, but adding an actual tow rope would be much better. Something else that would be a good addition would be an emergency blanket.

Again, overall it will do what we need in Car Emergency tool kit.

Thrive Emergency Assistance kit

Cables Are shorter than the expectation.Cables are a little shorter than I had hoped for but they work great. It was delivered last week and I already used them on Saturday to help a neighbour out.

This set comes with everything you could need for a Car Emergency tool kit. I highly recommend this product

  • Rope (15 meters)
  • Foldable Triangle + Case  
  • Reflective Safety Vest  
  • Screwdriver with 7 Bits  
  • Screwdriver with 9 Sockets  
  • Jumper Cables 8 gauge 8ft  
  • Multi-Function Pliers
  • Hand Driven Flash Light   
  • Razorblade Knife
  • Safety Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter  
  • Ice Scraper
  • Bungee Cord  
  • Gloves with Gripping Palm
  • ”Help” Banner  
  • Electric Tape  
  • Rain Poncho
  • Tire Pressure Gauge  
  • Emergency Whistle  
  • Zip Ties
  • Accident Form
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol Pad  
  • Antiseptic Cleaning Wipe
  • Tweezers  
  • Adhesive Bandage – Large,Medium,Small
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cotton Buds
  • First Aid Booklet


Note: Each and every item counts (even bag)

In general, I like the sense of security of knowing my loved ones at least have a minimal emergency survival, first-aid and auto repair kit with them.

So far, no one has had to use their kits for anything more than a band-aid or temporary use of a bungee cord, so the kit never really had been put to the test.

I always recommend going through the
Car Emergency tool kit in detail to know what all is there and how to use it. More importantly, I always add more items to my kit.

The case has plenty of room for a few things: a few more survival blankets, full size tools if not in the car emergency kit (hammer, assorted screwdrivers, magnetized extension rod), extra fuses and replacement light bulbs, battery cleaning supplies, your preferred survival knife,

a quart of oil, sealed water packets.some granola bars sealed inside Tupperware or layers of quality Ziploc bags that can be used for countless things, and whatever items YOU might think are important or necessary based on your needs. Allergic to bee stings?

Use an emergency breathing inhaler or epi-pen? Take needed daily meds? Keeping an extra emergency supply available could save a life or be the difference between misery or basic comfort until you’re safe again.

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